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I like to craft with wine I even sometimes add it to the craft

California Dapper Bow Ties

The California Dapper bow tie and pocket square collection starts with hand picked fabrics that gracefully move from casual to formal. Each eye catching CraftyRascal bowtie and pocket square instantly make you standout.  The prints and styles are inspired by the California coast and our friends – innovators, lovers, tinkerers. We believe in living life to the fullest.

Classic, elegant, passionate.

At first glance you are distant. You are a gentleman and say the right things that will get you liked, or not saying anything at all. Your smile is confident. It takes you a while to open up. With your friends you are candid, quirky – good company.  You are picky and know quality when you see it. Those you choose to open up to are in for a treat.

Roadworrior, Badboy, Tinkerer

Chilly Pepper Bow Tie
California Dapper Bow Tie Look

Cruising in a Westy - shades on to find the best wave spot, figuring out the next technology breakthrough. You get noticed, although you don’t seem to realize it. 

Surfing in Bow Ties

You set your own style, as fashion has never been a focus. Life is too short to let the mundane get you down. Your friends appreciate your free spirit and your love getting to know every surprise in your personality. 

Refined, confident, classy

You make ladies swoon with your charm and keep them coming back with your wit. 

You enjoy a night at the opera and wear any suit like it's been tailored to you. You love deeply and look damn good in a bow tie.

You know how to let loose by shredding the ten foot lefts, before hanging at the brewery with the boys.

Sportsman, Diver, Nautical

You love the ocean and the world that's just yours when you are in the water. Your perfect day is cruising the coast or free diving for abalone. If you were lost in the wilderness you would build a raft and make your way home. A true outdoorsman you cleanup nicely although the tan gives you away.

Refined, elegant, romantic

You are well traveled. You have a refined palate that comes from trying a Barolo and  Nerello Mascalese and preferring the later.  Your friends value your opinion and your colleagues seek out your leadership. You are a collector of experience rather than stuff. Never without a beautiful companion you dive passionately into romance.

Social butterfly, eloquent, fun

Your style is bold. You’re not afraid of color and leave greys and blacks for the classic gentlemen.  A trendsetter you’ve made a leather tie and vest stylish before hipster was cool. Quick witted you yawn at those who can’t keep up. The life of the party you enjoy good food, good company and a challenge.  

Each bow tie and pocket square is made in our New York Studio.

Photos by John Huseby

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