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I like to craft with wine I even sometimes add it to the craft

Focus on Coffee and Experimentation

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February Experimentation


TheCraftyRascal central focus is on Recycling and Sustainability. I use recycled wine and beer caps in my cufflinks. We thrive to use recycled packaging where possible. For the cufflinks we use 100% made in the USA gift boxes. To continue the business model to my daily life I try to produce cool artwork with recycled products. One of my last experiments was with coffee. Friends acquired a coffee bag that was just discarded and gave it to me. My first idea was to make cufflinks and those are still in the works but I decided to play around with paint. I used the textures of the coffee bag and the wording on the bag itself in the composition. Then I took some spent coffee granules and used those in the painting itself. Some amazing artwork flourished. Check them out on the right hand side.