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I like to craft with wine I even sometimes add it to the craft

Anniversary Gift for My Husband

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I have a cork from my engagement - and I would love to make cuff links for him out of the cork and give it to him for our wedding present. Would I be able to send you the cork and have you use that?
— Mary

I often get requests like the one above from my customers.  A wine cork is a tremendously sentimental token of a special moment you shared together. You still remember the moment you opened that bottle of wine or popped the cork on the bubbly. You saved the cork because the bottle was too big and now years later your fingers stumble upon it in your drawer. You rummage through the corners of your brain and then.... a smile comes across your face as you remember that moment. If this sounds like you and you do not want your precious cork to be back in the drawer contact me to turn it into a unique wearable gift that your loved one will treasure

If you are not the saving kind and preferred to live in the moment and forgot to save your cork. Do not fret I make a special edition of vintage wine cork cufflinks to commemorate a specific year of an anniversary or an engagement. These come from authentic vintner stamped wine corks. The vintner stamps the year the wine was bottled onto the wine cork. What makes these wine cufflinks extremely unique is that each stamp is different and can sometimes be on a white or a red wine stained cork so no pair is ever the same. 2015 is the year many are celebrating their fifth year anniversary and what better gift than a 2010 vintner stamped wine cork cufflink set. Don't see the year you are interested in the collection, contact me and I'll see what we can do, I often have different cork, or can engrave or wood burn the year in the cork.

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Wedding anniversaries, however, are not the only occasions customers save corks from or gift the vintage cufflinks. One customer was celebrating the year they partnered to start a new business.

The cufflinks were beautiful. Totally original and make an amazing gift. It was for my business partner who shares the love of cufflinks and wine. And 2007 was the year we partnered up and our favorite year for cabs! Thank you so much! Such a unique and amazing gift. He loved them!!!
— C E
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I have also found that since introducing beer cufflinks into my store customers have associations with specific breweries where they and their loved ones had a special moment. That or their hubby just likes that brewery or the beer. From first dates to special christmas gifts the brewery cufflinks have captured special moments in my customer's lives and I am grateful to play a part.

These cufflinks are perfect! My fiance and I had our first date at the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago, so it is a very special place for us...I cannot wait to give him these on our wedding day! I was so excited when I found these...and they look even more sharp and amazing in person!
— Eli

Whatever your moment and your beverage of choice take a look at the Crafty cufflinks collection and if you do not find what you are looking for email me or leave a comment so we can get started on a customer pair recycled from your beverage of choice.

Keep it Crafty!