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Striped Hat featured in Bay Area Artists

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It's getting cold outside. No wonder the Bay Area Artists blog just featured The Crafty Rascal striped pixy alpaca hat on their blog on February 3rd.

We’re still in those chilly winter months and today’s Item of the Day is something that will keep you warm…or at least keep your head warm!”
— Bapa


If this one is not your style check out the other knits. That or send me a message so I can create something super unique just for you.

Here is a look at the 2014 Winter Collection.


Each knit is uniquely ours. We find the best quality yarns from alpaca, mohair, mix of tie die yarns and hypoallergenic acrylics in order to deliver a collection of quality knits for  a customer that values quality material and craftsmanship in one item. Each knit is hand knit especially for you in New York. Thus if you ever have a special request we would be obliged to work with you.

Alpaca - is a natural fiber harvested from an alpaca without hurting the animal. It can range from heavy weight to light depending on how it is spun together. A luxurious yarn it is similar to wool but tends to be warmer and without the prickliness which makes it hypoallergenic like the synthetic acrylic fiber. For alpaca knits check here

Wool - is a natural fiber that is harvested from sheep without hurting the animal. It can have different weaves including the delicate cashmere, playful mohair and heavier weaves as well. The weave crimp retains air making it very warm. For wool knits check here.

Acrylic - is a synthetic fiber made from a polymer. It is strong, warm and hypoallergenic making it an ideal everyday wears material that does not require hand washing. For acrylic knits check here.

The green and blue alpaca hand knit hats ready, labeled for shipping to their knew owners.

It's spring time soon...