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Team Bride and Groom Fashion Wine Cufflinks and Champagne Purse Hooks

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We’ve found some unique wine inspired cufflinks for the Groom and his Groomsmen to wear the day of the wedding that will go perfectly with any wine country theme and would also make for some awesome wedding gifts too!
— Sip Happens

Having a wine themed wedding or a wedding in a vineyard and trying to figure out what to gift your guests? If you ask me nothing as they are already getting treated by celebrating with you in such a beautiful vineyard wedding location. However, it is tradition and there are plenty of cool and functional choices for your ladies and gents.

For Team Bride

I offer champagne purse hooks and key finders. These are fashionable, wino and functional letting your ladies never put their purses on the dirty ground. Or worst yet hanging them on the back of their chair ready to be stollen. If you live in a big city like me you've heard a girlfriend getting her purse stollen all the time. With a purse hook the purse stays under the table - hidden. It is also by your leg so you always feel it. The champagne purse hook folds down and comes neatly packaged in its own little bag so you can quickly store it in your purse and keep it clean. I offer packages for bridesmaids with a discount for five or more. Check them out

For Team Groom

Wine Cufflinks of course! You love your man in a suit. Give your boys a functional gift that is dapper and functional. The Crafty Rascal offers different designs and styles to choose from to make your guys look gorgeous on the wedding day and many days after. If you do not see what you are looking for or want a package with a cork sentimental to you contact me .

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Don't take my word for it. Check out the Sip Happens Team Groom Cufflinks feature on her blog where she features several wine cufflink options including those from The Crafty Rascal to dress up team groom on your wedding day.