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Making of The Crafty Rascal Bow Tie Photo Shoot at Ocean Beach

Making of, Bow Ties and SquaresCrafty RascalComment

On Saturday TheCraftyRascal had the opportunity to work with an amazing  photographer John Huseby and talented models at Ocean Beach to photograph the new CraftyRascal Bow Tie Line. 

I started at 7 am getting several boxes of pastries from the Mr.Holmes bakehouse and coffee from Philz to make sure our photographer and models are well nourished.

8 am line at Mr.Holmes Bakehouse only the best for TheCraftyRascal models

8 am line at Mr.Holmes Bakehouse only the best for TheCraftyRascal models

Setting Up

Once I got to the beach John and his assistant Mike were already set up, testing out the lights and setting up the filters and all the other fancy instruments that made me feel yet again that I chose the right photographer for the job. I met John kite surfing about a year back. He was on the beach taking photos of some of our friends. I saw his skill in action photographs of kiters - paying attention to the composition, the lighting the subject. He really captured the essence of the sport and I immediately knew that if one day I needed a professional photographer it would be John. Checkout some of his kite and surf photography here.

Before the models get there, setting up the shirts bow ties and pocket squares

Capturing the Essence

I needed to get photos that showcase the careful craftsmanship that goes into a CraftyRascal bow tie. Each is hand made in our studio in New York from hand selected fabrics ranging from Italian silk for a self tie bow tie stunner and matching pocket square, to fun print monster cotton for a boys bow tie that are safe for the little ones fastened with velcro.


On top of this the photo shoot was to capture what I call #CaliforniaDapper. The look that moves easily from neoprene hoodie and jeans, to hipster cool with vest, beard and glasses, to full suit evening out elegant. For this we chose Ocean Beach as the location. Here on any given day you can see kiters, surfers dog walkers and joggers enjoying the northern California coastline. Along with the occasional odd event such as our CraftyRascal Bow Tie Photo Shoot. We even got asked "Is there someone famous?"

Living the Lifestyle

All the models are friends of TheCraftyRascal and embody CaliforniaDapper. They are professionals that have come from all over the world to call California their home. They are tinkerers, dreams and doers that have more than one passion in this world. They are the kind of people you would love to have as your friend as they will push you and inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone. They know how to have a good time and look DAMN GOOD in a bow tie.

Enjoy the making of TheCraftyRascal Bow Tie Photo Shoot video. We had a blast!

As you saw tying a bow tie requires some street cred, a two person team and an educational youtube video. So here is a cute video with the catchy theme song of how to so you can be a pro next time.