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Unique Father's Day Gifts for Unique Dads

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Father’s are amazing. Fathers are there on your first day. There  to teach you how to throw your first ball. Or maybe your Dad is a tinkerer and loves to think up new ideas. No one dad is the same so TheCraftyRascal decided to scour for some great gift ideas for dad that are unique, locally made and fit different kinds of dads. So if your dad is into music or if dad is into wine we've found unique father's day gift ideas for dad that will make him smile.  Have other father’s day gift ideas you’ve found add your comments. Without further a do introducing the unique father's day gift guide for unique dads.

Gifts for Sport loving Dads

Does your dad love hitting the tennis court? Is your dad a diver or a true waterman? Is he happiest outdoors or sweating it out in the gym? If your dad is a real sports fanatic we’ve found a couple of sport gifts your dad will love ranging from kiteboarding t-shits, to cufflinks to home decor diving pillows. 

Kiteboarding T-Shirt 

Gifts for Musical Dads

Have you seen dad rocking it out on the air guitar? That or is he more into the opera? Does he enjoy jamming with his jazz band? Or maybe dad's happy spot is zoning out to his favorite iTunes or Spotify  at home, that or dancing to Spice Girls when nobody is watching (we won't judge). Dads jam and we've found some jamming cool gifts to let Dad know that you think he is pretty special.

Guitar or vinyl these are some musical gifts dad will definitely use.

Gifts for Dads into Wine

Does your dad sometime descend into the wine cellar and not come out for hours until he's back with a dusty vintage from his favorite vintner? Or maybe he lives in the city in a tiny apartment and wishes that was the case. Regardless if your dad loves wine, obsesses about wine or just casually enjoys this tasty beverage a wine themed father's day gift idea is unique. 

Dad will love how functional these father's day gift ideas are and that you really made it personal for him.

Gifts for Dads that Love to Cook

Custom cutting board

Custom cutting board

Your dad loves to cook. He enjoys grilling outside on the summer days. Or maybe he enjoys the fines of the 9 course home cooked meal. Is your dad a professional chef that works hard every night and loves to work with his hands and his heart? Remind dad how much you love him with these tasty gifts that are sure to make dad smile.