The Crafty Rascal

I like to craft with wine I even sometimes add it to the craft

I like to craft with wine,

I even sometimes add it to the craft

Style & Quality

A fan of the dapper English style, I set out to create a cufflink design using materials with a personality. The brand quickly grew to include exquisite hand knits, fashions and accessories. 

The Founder

I am passionate about finding a need and building products customers love. With years of product development and design experience, The Crafty Rascal brand embodies products I want and have the opportunity to share with you.

Creative by design

100% Handmade

We 100% hand make each item in our store in San Francisco or New York. We spend countless hours on making the perfect product that is functional and a conversation piece that will quickly become a heirloom for you.

  • Quality: The highest level of craftsmanship in every piece you buy from us
  • Innovation: We strive to discover the next juxtaposition of material and idea
  • Style: A brand that promises to keep people asking "Where did you get that?"
  • Practicality: Products that not only look good but but are made to be warn


The Crafty Rascal core is sustainability. Where possible we use 100% recycled, made-in-the-USA packaging. In our cuff-links and purse-hooks we up-cycle wine and champagne corks, beer caps and other materials.


Our brand is inspired by a need to create.  We are constantly getting inspired by our customers. So if you do not see what you're looking for, let us know and we'll be happy to work on it with you to make it a reality.



Our instagram feed gives us a chance to share with you our works in progress and our inspirations. We believe in showing our work!